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placenta_love's Journal

Grandmother Placenta
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A place to discuss and appreciate the amazing organ that is the placenta!
Namaste! Welcome to placenta_love!

This is a community where we honour the amazing Grandmother Placenta - that special organ that nourishes fetal life and calls upon us to respect the sacred cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Here, you can share your placenta art, your placenta photographs, your placenta recipes and your favourite placenta-related rituals. Questions, stories, jokes, poetry and videos about placentas are also welcome! Placenta tips, tricks, and facts are encouraged!

Please be respectful of others: while we may not always agree with each other, we must peacefully co-exist.

In the interest of communal harmony:

- please place ALL pictures behind a cut. If you do not know how to cut your entry, please click on this link: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
- if your photos contain nudity, please indicate that your before your cut. Breastfeeding photos are not considered nudity in this community
- do not copy, reproduce, link to or re-post any of the material in this community without the permission of the author/artist
- credit when using other people's material
- please ask the moderator's permission before advertising your community, business, products, merchandise, etc. All ads must be placed behind a cut

Failure to follow these rules and/or to act respectfully will result in your post being deleted and/or your membership being banned.

Your moderator is real_bethy.